Konvekta-C.H. Schmitt Foundation

In the center of Germany is the ancient and diverse cultural landscape of Schwalm: On the middle reaches of the river is home, who gave it its name, the North Hesse region extends between Knüllgebirge, Vogelsberg and Kellerwald. It encloses some 25 villages and towns Ziegenhain and Treysa, when taken together with other unincorporated areas, the city of the same name Schwalmstadt.

The area is a traditional, self-contained and dominantly agricultural settlement area on the edge of ancient trade routes. Despite its economic remoteness and at first glance, without the necessary political and cultural requirements, the region has only to rich heritage and a large pool of cultural products.

Since the 50s of the 20th century, an increasing loss of Schwälmer tradition is to complain. The typical, richly designed costumes about is only very occasionally carried by mostly elderly women; the men's costume is, however, long gone from the streets.

The Konvekta C.H. Schmitt Foundation has made in the country version uncommitted public contract to own: the knowledge to preserve the traditions and the cultural identity of Schwalm from responsibility for this region.

The foundation was recognized on 2 March 2004 as a foundation under civil law - It pursues exclusively and directly charitable purposes.

Carl Heinrich Schmitt was the foundation house - born in 1931 Muhlystraße 5-. With his foundation he wants to contribute to the preservation of this historic building. The long ties with the region and the love of Schwalm are the drive for civil commitment of the founder and lead 2004 establishing the Konvekta C.H. Schmitt Foundation.